HollyG is an LED table lamp that features an important technological innovation: thanks to a calibrated optical system, an invisible beam of light passes through the blown-glass body and is concentrated at the top of the lamp, where an adjustable metal disk reflects it onto the table surface.
The possibility of manoeuvring the wide folds of the diffusor allows users to modulate light as desired, creating ever-changing light effects: a new feature for this type of product, normally characterised by invariable emissions and only a few possible adjustments.
The formal aspect of the design is almost entirely influenced by technology and submits to it; the length of the glass body, the generous curves of its silhouette, and the opening and inclination of the reflector are all consequent on the need to maximise the transfer and efficient reflection of light.
The result is ever-changing light play. Both feminine and elegant, HollyG has a classic style but a fascinating, magical spirit, just like Truman Capote’s Ms. Golightly.

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Giorgio Biscaro, 2016

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