M_22 Tecna


M_22 Goccia

In M_22 Tecna dominates minimalism, revisited in innovative ways, inspired by the purest geometry and the maximum essentiality of the design. Volumes and lines blend quietly with the surrounding architecture, leaving the task to the materials to excite.

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M_22 Tecna




M_22 is a collection of kitchens that are inspired by diverse lifestyles, designed and built to meet the different aesthetic requirements. Strict kitchens, characterized by a remarkable compositional freedom to better organize the domestic architecture spaces. There are four opening systems, which characterize the different programs , designed to respond to the multiple functional needs of contemporary life : ergonomics at the service center to help ensure the work in the kitchen. Four projects across a wide range of materials, colors, finishes , allow an infinite customization: kitchens "tailored" to satisfy every desire.

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